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42 Delaware.jpg
42 Delaware1155 viewsBuilding across the street from the New York Western District Court building (from the 4th floor Jury room) This was two shots with a pocket Cam I stitched together. Just one of the many old Back East buildings!1 comments06/02/12 at 23:56admin: Click on it to see the full size!!!
Right from the Olympus Stylus 70101101 viewsOriginal size 4064x992
1/4 sec exposure (according to EXIF)

It was compressed to 1600x391
compressed to like 60% to 100KB
Otherwise as is...
1 comments07/31/11 at 20:34admin: AH... that is right... I have Coppermine set to ...
Salty The Kitty - BIG SIZE1658 viewsHere he is at an older age and in BIG FILE SIZE! He's still a young cat. perhaps a few years old and the colors are darkening up nicely... somewhere I have kitten pics, but this lil' guy was born before Digital cameras were around... this is a scanned 35mm photo at reduced rez... the best scan I did of the original is a 127MEG file! (count the pixels for a digital camera for that!)1 comments04/09/11 at 08:10Guest_Anon: Smile Sweet Kitty and a very nice portrait as well.
South Park Lake1307 viewsFilled with fishes
and peoples wishes
A lake for the years
oft has its tears

Beauty is brief
beneath brand new leaf
Yet time does abound
and always is 'round

Instant poem by me, for no real reason.
1 comments04/02/11 at 20:03Guest_Im49plus: great little poem as well. Very Happy
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