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1986 Piedfort 100Franc Silver.jpg
Piedfort issue of the 1986 100 Franc Commemorative1687 viewsSpecial "Piedfort" issue of the French 100 Franc coin, Double thick, twice the silver, only 5,000 of these coin were minted. THey were made to be gifts to visiting dignitaries to France33333
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Common Double Die.JPG
Common Double Die1153 viewsThese are the most common double dies. They were really part of of the minting process as the dates were added to the Dies seperately so new dies would not have to be made each year... see the distance between the 7 and the 4, someone surely made this strike a special VM # or something.33333
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Unknown II1215 viewsWell, it could be.... um... but, I am not sure.... VALENTINIANUS - i looked like this, this morning.33333
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Giant Byzantine - JustinianI - XXIIII - Year 241086 views33333
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Ptolemy V.jpg
Ptolemy V1148 views33333
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Unknown I1185 viewsThis is NOT the mystery coin!33333
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Greek AR Drachm.jpg
Greek AR Drachm1146 viewsAncient Greek Silver Coin33333
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NERO1118 views33333
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1932-MexicanPeso Rev.JPG
1932 Mexico Peso - Rev1309 views1932 Mexico Peso - Rev. Full restored33333
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1965 Venezuela 1 Bolivar.jpg
1965 Venezuela 1 Bolivar Peso1795 viewsBefore and after images of this coin. Before restoration this coin was handled unprotected by collectors and the like, Much of the early tarnish was rubbed off the way it happend(ed) with circulating silver coins. Previous to the collectors handling, it was a well tarnished coin, but only the most minor damage had been done. THis coin looks beautiful once again.33333
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I'm Not completely sure if this is1135 viewsBut, you look at the pic and see if you think it is, I am sure it is someone, but I am not exactly sure if it is who I think it is and if I will remember who I think it is later on down the road. A liitle more cleaning would help the case, I recognize the REV from another coin in this lot.22222
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Gallienus1136 views22222
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