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1918 France 1 Franc Heavy1441 viewsTHis is an example of a heavily tarnished coin before restoration. It is possible under the very thick tarnish near the edge of the coin at 7 o'clock there may have been damage. We will see.Jul 08, 2011
Gold Coin Restoration1608 views1905 $5 Gold Half EagleJul 08, 2011
1650 viewsJul 08, 2011
1657 viewsJul 08, 2011
1552 viewsJul 08, 2011
1874 Peru 1 Sol1059 viewsClose-up of 1874 Peruvian Sol before restoration process to remove scratchesJul 02, 2011
My Side of it 25%.jpg
Coin Restoration Part 11637 viewsThis is a sort of step by step picture show of a coin undergoing restoration. it also shows some of the prolems of trying to get mint luster to be visible in typical lighting often used to show detail in coins. Too much light causes some shiny surfaces to wash out to pure white. There are was around it, but typicall not done when the main thing happening to the coin is the restoration process.Jun 21, 2011
1944 Netherlands 25 cent1590 views1944 Netherlands 25 cent. BU Before and after. This coin got its discoloration/tarnish perhaps not from industrial or vehicular pollutants, but more possibly from living in the hom of a heavy smoker. only a guess based on the yellowish/brown color before restoration.Jun 18, 2011
1932-MexicanPeso Rev.JPG
1932 Mexico Peso - Rev1309 views1932 Mexico Peso - Rev. Full restoredJun 18, 2011
1932-MexicanPeso Obv.JPG
1932 Mexico Peso - OBV1165 views1932 Mexico Peso - OBV. Fully RestoredJun 18, 2011
1902 Morgan Dollar OBV.JPG
1140 views1902 Morgan SIlver Dollar - MS63 with few blemishes. I retain this Morgan because of its photogenic quality, good luster and the few blemishes are easy to remove digitally.Jun 18, 2011
1965 Venezuela 1 Bolivar.jpg
1965 Venezuela 1 Bolivar Peso1795 viewsBefore and after images of this coin. Before restoration this coin was handled unprotected by collectors and the like, Much of the early tarnish was rubbed off the way it happend(ed) with circulating silver coins. Previous to the collectors handling, it was a well tarnished coin, but only the most minor damage had been done. THis coin looks beautiful once again.Jun 18, 2011
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